Tom's Top Tips for 'Selling Season'

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Is there a ‘selling season’ or an ideal time to list and sell your home?

Sellers typically follow this up with statements/questions like:

  • Everyone lists in the spring because that is when buyers are looking, right?
  • We’re heading into winter – no one moves in winter or over the holidays, right?
  • It’s the middle of summer – there is usually a lull and very few showings or sales, right?
  • We have lovely gardens… shouldn’t I wait until the gardens are in bloom to list?

Answers / Thoughts

  • No – there is no ‘selling season’ – buyers looking to move throughout the year.
  • People still move in the winter months and being on the market as others come off means you have fewer listings competing for a limited pool of buyers.
  • Summer – yes, people are on vacation and this can lead to fewer showings but there are people that are looking during this time in hopes to be in before school and snow.
  • Maybe your lawn and gardens look better in bloom but if the real estate market is slower or there is more competition, waiting for spring might not be ideal.
  • There are other factors that influence the market more than the time of year, for example:
    • Interest rates – low rates can drive buyers to act now in fear that rates will increase.
    • Prices – do buyers believe prices are low or at the bottom – this can motivate them to act no matter the season.


Tom Landry is the owner of both Benchmark Residential & Investment Real Estate and CornerStone Building and Restoration. This article originally appeared in the West End News and can be viewed here.