Benchmark Real Estate Launches Development Consulting Services

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Portland, ME - Citing Portland's rapid growth and unique, and often challenging, development climate, Tom Landry, owner of Benchmark Real Estate, has announced the company is now offering consulting for local developers. From site identification, financing and permitting to construction, marketing and sales, Benchmark will partner with developers to help them understand the local market and provide targeted recommendations based on the unique aspects of neighborhoods they're working in.

Following national trends, Portland has undergone significant transformation. As baby boomers flock to walkable urban centers and millennials buck the suburbs, demand for housing in the city continues to outpace supply. To address the supply gap, there are numerous projects planned and many already underway. "While I don't see Portland's growth slowing down anytime soon," noted Landry, "developers must be thoughtful and strategic in their process, or what they envision as quick sales may be empty units if building outpaces demand." Landry added Benchmark's new services will help developers answer the most important question: can it be sold?

"Our concierge-level service includes everything from in-house architecture, interior design and building services, to a comprehensive go-to-market strategy," said Landry. He added that every developer has different experience and that his firm can help with as much or as little of the process as needed.

A student of development trends and real estate marketing and sales, Landry has sold real estate in the city of Portland for close to 20 years. Himself a small-scale developer, he bought, renovated and sold his first property at the age of 19. In the years since, he has bought and sold many more homes, successfully sold a handful of his own residential development projects and started his own construction company.

"Like its restaurant scene, Portland's development climate is unique and can be challenging to navigate," said Landry. "Any developer can have an idea or even find a desirable location, but a strategic partnership with the right team can mean the difference between success and failure."