Real Estate in the Time of COVID-19

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Our commitment to you

The safety and wellbeing of our clients, the general public, and our team are paramount. We are closely monitoring events and will adjust business practices as needed to ensure safety.


Your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers

Since many reading this are not actively looking or listed, be sure to forward to anyone you know who is or might be.



The real estate industry in general 

While it’s too early to tell, it appears that real estate, at least locally, might be somewhat less impacted. People still need a home and people will need to upsize, downsize, and move for a variety of reasons. 



Thoughts for sellers or potential sellers 

  • Until further notice we are not holding open houses or allowing large group showings.
  • We do not recommend pulling properties off the market if you are currently listed.
  • We do recommend listing sooner versus later given the growing uncertainty.
  • Anyone selling a multi-family needs to take extra precautions to protect tenants, buyers, and agents. If you are selling a multi-family, contact me to learn what we’re doing.
  • We have seen tremendous buyer activity. Over the last two weeks we have placed a number of listings under agreement and have had very strong showing activity at most listings.
  • Investor buyers are out and looking. Many of these people know that real estate is a safer investment and one they can control.
  • If your home is or will be listed…
    • Have hand sanitizer and/or medical gloves ready for those touring your property. You should immediately place these inside the property, along with a trash can for them to dispose of gloves.
    • Have a sign that reads ‘Welcome – please enjoy our home, kindly remove your shoes and apply hand sanitizer upon entry. When you leave, lock-up and please bring us an offer.’
    • When you return after a showing, be sure to wipe down surfaces where buyers might have touched (think doorknobs) with an alcohol or bleach solution.
  • Make your own hand sanitizer – let’s face it, all that was available is gone. You can make your own. An internet search can help on the options and recipes. One client of ours indicated she would have four facecloths ready on a table just inside the entry door that had been soaked in a solution of 70% rubbing alcohol or of nine parts water and one-part bleach.

Thoughts for buyers or potential buyers 

  • Be cautious and courteous. If you are not feeling well, stay home and do not go out for showings. 
  • Do as much virtual looking as possible.
  • Make offers and get a great deal at a great interest rate!
  • If you tour a property:
    • Apply hand sanitizer or gloves before entry. 
    • Once inside, touch only what you absolutely need to.
    • As you leave, reapply hand sanitizer or wipe down the surfaces you touched.
  • The Federal Reserve has cut rates and mortgages are hovering around all-time lows. This is a very, very good time to re-finance, buy, or even trade up to a more expensive home for less money.
  • Avoid open houses or group showings. Instead contact your buyer broker to set up a private tour.
  • Plan ahead and be sure to give sellers more notice and options for showings. 
  • Remember most of this process can be done virtually. We’re hosting Facebook Live previews and taking more pictures to help you rule in or out a property without seeing it in person.
  • If you are in the market, it seems strange, but it appears to still be a great time to buy.

Please share and reach out directly with any thoughts or items I missed. Let’s all do our part to keep our clients, families, neighbors, friends, and ourselves safe – we’re in this together.