Better Without the Bull. Benchmark.

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Some straight talk on the heels of one of the most challenging years ever. As we all navigate our 'next', keep this in mind...


Benchmark is right for...

• Professional agents with life experience

• Associate brokers or brokers

• Motivated self-starters

• Those who value local businesses

• Those who believe in giving back

• Ethical agents who always put clients first

• Agents that strive for a win/win

• Those who are positive and assume goodwill


Benchmark is not right for...

• Brand new agents with little or no real estate or life experience

• Those not driven by the desire to be and do more

• Those who value chains and franchises as much as local and independent businesses

• Those who believe the ends justify the means and win/lose

• Those in the business just for the money


Benchmark Offers...

  • Affiliation with one of the most admired local companies, most recognizable local brands, and most accomplished local Realtors®
  • Opportunity to benefit and participate in company-wide marketing, advertising, media coverage, and charitable community events
  • Referral program for our most accomplished agents * Access and discounts to trusted marketing experts
  • Kick start services to ensure you kick ass immediately
YOU keep more of YOUR money
  • 90/10 Splits
  • $14K Annual cap
  • No cost, 48-hour onboarding and license change
  • Complimentary welcome packet, photoshoot, branded marketing tools, and company swag
  • Free E&O coverage
  • Included compliance, legal, transaction, and other support
  • A free system to broadcast your listings globally
  • Unlimited office use and access
  • No desk, compliance, technology, franchise, or legal fees
  • No minimum production requirements or minimum production fees
Benchmark Doesn't Offer...
  • Multiple, mandatory, and often unnecessary meetings
  • Training for the sake of training to the lowest common denominator
  • Red tape, overburdensome compliance, condescending coaching, and goal setting
  • Ever-changing technology, requirements, and offerings
  • All kinds of the BULL you've likely become accustomed to

Ready for Better? Although we don't pursue, pander, or actively recruit, we always have room for professional, ethical, and accomplished Realtors.

When and if you're ready for better, reach out, and let's start a 100% confidential conversation.


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Here's to the future - we create!