Tom's Take on this Unprecedented Real Estate Market

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Hope all is well and you're enjoying this unusually early spring weather. Speaking of unusual, the real estate market is the best we have EVER seen! I'm not kidding. Even real estate agents are in state of disbelief about the recent and rapid increase in property values. This is all welcome news if you're selling, but challenging if you're buying.

Below is a market update with some eye-popping stats and a reminder to please pass our name along to anyone you know looking to buy or sell anywhere in Maine. Remember - friends don't let friends work with the wrong real estate agent.

All the best, send me an update and happy spring!!



You Can't Fake Being a Local!

My family and I live just off Back Cove, have two offices on the peninsula, and are fierce advocates and supporters of everything Portland, Maine. My team and I are authorities in the neighborhoods we serve. We know the blocks and buildings, the playgrounds and parks, the streets, schools, and shops. We know how one property truly compares to the next. Looking to sell or buy? Our team has proven strategies to ensure success.

Agents ARE NOT Interchangeable

Choosing to work with anyone but the most accomplished, respected, and experienced Realtor® in your area is taking a chance. If you were faced with a life-threatening medical condition, would you trust any doctor or the one with the most experience treating that condition? If a family member was wrongfully charged with a crime, would you choose any attorney or the best criminal defense attorney? Of course, you would choose the best. The same should be true for the most important lifestyle and financial decision of your life - the purchase or sale of real estate.



Remarkable/Incredible/Shocking - Choose your superlative, it's all real.
  • Past sales are no longer an accurate predictor of value
  • In the last year we've seen prices increase as much as 40%
  • Prices have jumped again just in the last 2-3 months
  • We are routinely seeing 10-20 offers
  • Homes are often selling for $50-100K over asking

Supply & Demand

By some estimates, for every home listed, there are 20 potential buyers. Less supply + a jump in demand = rapid price appreciation.



Towns included: Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland, Falmouth, Freeport, Gorham, North Yarmouth, Portland, Scarborough, South Portland, Westbrook, Windham, Yarmouth. All data sourced from MLS.




Uniquely Qualified

There is no other company, team, or agent more qualified to help you sell for the highest possible price. Now that we can all agree that we're in the best seller's market ever, how do you navigate and succeed? It starts with choosing the most accomplished, respected, and experienced team, and avoiding some pitfalls.

Delayed Acceptance

Our team was the first to use it and have perfected this 'list - show - collect offers' practice. Coupled with our comprehensive process for reaching the most qualified buyers locally, nationally, and internationally, we help ensure you receive offers from the BEST, not just the FIRST buyer. 

Results - our results speak for themselves! For 10+ years...

  • Top 10 producing agent statewide
  • Top 5 producing agents in Cumberland County
  • Top 3 producing agents in Greater Portland
  • #1 Realtor® in Portland for 10+ years
  • Some of the...
    • Highest prices and most million dollar+ sales
    • Highest prices per square foot
    • Highest prices per unit/apartment
    • Highest number of sales over $500K
    • Lowest number of days on market

(Based on MLS and private sales data)

Seller Pitfalls - there are many, even in this strong seller's market. But most can be avoided by choosing the right Realtor®.

  • Listing too high - a common mistake and one that can lead to selling for much less

  • Choosing just any agent - believing that in a strong market, it doesn't matter

  • Selling 'by owner' - to save on commission but ultimately selling for much less

  • Responding to the letter of the day - from an agent or buyer promising the world

  • Believing the market is going to go up and up - waiting too long to list and missing the market

  • Inaction - due to a host of reasons, not making the call and listing too late

But where will I move?

We understand that many owners would like to downsize, upsize, right size or other, but are worried about entering this market as buyers. We empathize and have strategies and resources to help. For example, we have successfully negotiated 3-12 month lease backs for many of our seller clients, allowing them to sell, have the cash in hand, and take their time finding their next home.

NOW is the time.

The catalyst that caused so many buyers to flee larger urban areas (COVD-19) is nearing some level or control and containment. Vaccines, an opening of the economy, and an eventual return to the new normal could mean less escapism and a softening of demand. With the promise of a semi-normal fourth of July, this change might come sooner than we think. So, right now might just be that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sell at the very top.


Not selling? Know someone who is? Be sure to pass along our contact. Friends don't let friends work with the wrong real estate agent.

Tom Landry & The Landry Team
(207) 775-0248